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ELITE™ Monoclonal Antibody Services

Abgent is a leading manufacturer of off the shelf and custom antibodies with over 20,000 antibodies developed over the last decade. Our ELITE Monoclonal Antibody Custom Service* is ideal for projects requiring high specificity and a low background. Monoclonal antibodies are highly homogenous and allow for unlimited production with sustained specificity.

We offer primary Monoclonal Antibody Service (see list below ) in Balb/c mice or rats, as well as antibody characterization, validation optimization, and scale up. Our highly experienced team can develop a pre-optimized antibody validated in the assay of your choosing. Please contact us to learn more about these and other service offerings.

*Abgent utilizes its AAALAC International accredited facilities with experienced staff tailoring customer’s projects to their specific scientific needs.

Our ELITE™ monoclonal antibody service offering includes the following:

Services Days
Peptide antigen design and preparation: Peptide synthesis of up to 18 AA residues (20-30 mg) with a purity > 80%
Peptide conjugation to KLH
Protein antigen design: Recombinant protein preparation 7-14
One primary subcutaneous injection of 100 ug conjugated peptide/protein in Complete
Freund’s Adjuvant
Five subcutaneous injections of 500 ug conjugated peptide/protein in Incomplete
Freund’s Adjuvant
ELISA analysis on bleed between each injection 35-49
Hybridoma fusion and 2 rounds subcloning including subtype identification and clone
Ascites production 85
Protein G purification 99
Validation test by WB (optional and limited guarantee available) 3
Validation test by IF (optional and limited guarantee available) 3
Validation by IHC (optional and limited guarantee available) 3
Validation by FC (optional and limited guarantee available) 3
Total: ~120-130

In order to minimise your expense Abgent offers customised package (see example below):

ELITE™ Monoclonal Antibody Services Premier Package

  • Custom peptide design and synthesis
  • Customer supplied immunogen
    (protein or peptide)
  • Peptide-KLH conjugation
  • Immunization of
    mice/rats (3 animals)
  • Serum titration
  • Hybridoma fusion
    (best animal)
  • Clone screening
  • Stabilization of 10
    positive clones
  • 500ml cultures of 2 clones
  • Protein G purification


• Peptide sequence • ELISA titer • ELISA-positive hybridomas (2 clones) • 5mg of peptide
• Purified antibodies (20-30mg) • Project report

Project Timeline: 22-24 weeks

How It Works:

Customers can simply select their desired services or the whole monoclonal antibody package and send us your specific requirements.

Our experienced tech support representatives can also guide you in the process of selecting the service package that best suits your research goals.

Abgent will deliver your monoclonal antibody with guaranteed quality in timely manner.

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Order Information:


USA: 888.735.7227 (toll free) or 858.875.1900

USA: 858-622-0609

For additional information visit :

PDF ELITE Custom Antibody Service Presentation
PDF ELITE Custom Antibody Service Brochure